(It is almost like they are part of a special elite secret club that you haven't been invited to...)

It's frustrating to see your peers...

Catch all the big profits ...while you struggle to get winners under your belt consistently and repeatedly

Announce their exotic winning trade collection ...when you still can't find a big winner that you can be proud of just like the video below

Watch To See How The Other 32 Percent Trade

You Too Can Be One Of Them If You Make That All Important Decision To Change Your Destiny and Empower Yourself with the new skills. (Some of these are Live trades taken in the class. (Some of these are Live trades taken in the class. )

Hall of Fame - See for yourself How Students are crushing it!

You too can be here on the hall of fame next!

Sure, you're happy for them.

But at the same time, you couldn't stop wondering why it's not you. Sometimes it feels like you are not the lucky one.

You know you need to be good at collecting profits repeatedly on consistent basis... and it is not like you are not trying. But, you feel you are missing something.

But here's the good news...


If someone who has the credibility, integrity and experience invites you to a secret elite club of winning traders and gives you best opportunity for you to excel in spread trading, learn the top 3 secret strategies would you be ready to embrace the offer today?


Learn the PRICE PATTERN STRATEGY that wins 91% of the time?

Discover When to Buy and When to sell with Razor precision?

Master what to trade, when and how?

Where to place stops and how to move them ?

When to exit in profits? When to scale in and when to peel off your trades?


You Know What It Can Do?

Trading Tides can (and Will) Give You Best Trading Skills. Better than you ever imagined possible. Of course, when you become better trader results show up in your bank balance.

It helps you to master the skill of spread trading with precision. You will be equipped with well defined strategies, precise measured moves. Once you complete the course you will be able to spot trades, winning opportunities with ease.

Most Retail investors enter the spread market driven by greed or fear(most times unknowingly). Trading Tides. Spread Trading Program helps you to take a well balanced, risk balanced approach to the trading. Automatically this helps you to avoid getting caught up by margin calls , over leveraged positions and prevents you from blowing your account.

Trading Tides, helps you to mitigate and minimise risk by using hedging.

By cleverly using the leverage , Trading Tifhelps you to get maximum out of the same trade which you were making peanuts before,

It will give a purpose to get up, reason to be excited and process to manage your trade for consistent ongoing results with rule based approach, Time tested strategies that are designed for maximum impact.

"Trading Tides is NOT Your Typical training program. It is nothing like anything you have heard or seen before. It is Totally, Totally Different!"

What is so special about TRADING TIDES?

Before I talk about the Specialty of this program, I would like to share with you, how this program took its shape.

We have a high end high ticket item Options trading course. It has students from all over the world and a lot of UK Traders too are part of the program. After seeing my integrity and dedication in helping them to be successful at their options trading they decided to expand their kingdom. Like a winning Emperor who wants to expand his or her kingdom, my UK students wanted to expand their trading to other areas including spread trading and Forex. Some had no idea of spread trading or spread bets. Some were not consistent in their positive results. Some were never successful. Since all these traders were very successful in Trading Options with us, It became my highest priority to help them to be as consistent and as profitable as their option Trades. This is the motivation in creating this course "Trading Tides". An exclusive spread trading course for all levels of traders from beginners to advanced.

This is not your typical live workshop or live event or seminar or course. Then...then.. what is it? (You wondering?)

Trading Tides Spread Trading Program runs during LIVE Market Hours

Trading Tides is Created for Clarity and Precision. You will learn three 3 strategies that gives you precise entries, exits and reentry levels. You will know precisely which strategy to use and when.

Trading Tides is Designed to give you speedy results. Easy to learn. No complicated cluster of indicators. No ambiguous strategies. You get lot of practice. You get a chance to look over Sankar's shoulder and learn. You get a chance to see strategies in action, try it yourself and implement live once you have practiced enough under the guidance of the Master Trader you are ready to launch.

Trading Tides set up to help you learn fast, master it correctly, implement it quickly with precision.

Trading Tides Education is built on 4 Foundation Pillars for Trading Success.

You will get immediate access to 14 pre-recorded online training sessions. No baby sitter needed or travelling involved. You will get exclusive access to these video lessons in your own private area with your own user id and password. Learn at your own pace and in your own free time that is convenient for you.
Designed to give you speedy results. Easy to learn. No complicated cluster of indicators. No ambiguous strategies. You get lot of practice. You get a chance to look over Sankar's shoulder and learn. You get a chance to see strategies in action, try it yourself and implement live once
You get 3 Strategies that gives you precise measured targets, stop losses. You will get rules and check lists to avoid ambiguity or blunders, You will get a complete trading plan.

You get a chance to practice twice a day or even more and receive feedback on your trades , suggestions to improve and extra tips and tricks to complement.

FIVE: 1 Hour Private Group coaching -1-1 With Sankar Sharma -Value £5000

After completing all the course modules you get a chance to ask questions and fine tune your trading with Sankar in this highly valuable Group private coaching session. you must complete all the 30 hour training before this event.



How To use Margin correctly and effectively?

How Not to blow your trading capital?

How Not to be in the camp of 64% of losing traders?

How To Trade UK Stocks?

How To Trade US Stocks?

How To Trade Bond Products?

How To Trade Forex?

How To Trade Commodities?

How To Spot Highly probable and profitable opportunities on a dime?

How To Trade World Indices for generating income?

How to Use Options in Spread Trading?

How to Hedge Your positions like a hedge fund manager?

What is the correct order size to use?

Order Management and how to use it correctly?

Trade Management - How to manage your trade for profits?

How to scale in and out of your positions?

How to trade with the tides?

3 Powerful strategies that no one knows or heard about it

3 Proprietary tool sets for Spread trading profits

6 Live sessions during market hours -record



I am Sankar Sharma I am Not A Hot Shot. But, Humble Person

I Help Ordinary People To Be Better Than Best When It Comes To Trading
I have 32 Plus Years of Trading and Investing Experience
I Love To Teach Trading. I train Traders so that they know Exactly What Action To Take, When to take and How to take it, when it comes to their Trading.



THIS IS YOU: Your Portfolio graph showing steady upturn. Ofcourse losses are inevitable but your winners are bigger and losses are smaller. More wins and less losers

THIS IS YOU: Hundreds of well executed trades per year & a life that’s so full of joy it annoys the shit out of your neighbors

THIS IS YOU: Your Trade Picking, Risk Management, Exit at profit levels, Stops to cut loss... all DONE!

THIS IS YOU: Your Money working for you harder than you are, for the very first time while you are happy to place the trades effortlessly and gracefully…. like a ballerina on roller skates

THIS IS YOU: Taking a day or a week (or a MONTH) off just because you feel like it because you have a system in place so that you can always know exactly where your start and end points are.

THIS IS YOU: No more hoping, praying, trying… always well-planned trades. Every Time!

How will you get there?
I have a system that will get you there.
It’s systematic, it’s scientific, time tested and endlessly creative.
It gets people excited, animated positively exhilarated about your “New Found Trading Secret”
It makes the process of trading, managing and executing your trades a BREEZE!

Success Stories From Recent Students

Do you know what I hate? When people show their own success as a mark of how well they’ve done. Do you know what I love? Real-life Student success stories and love notes. And I have a TONNE of them, like really. It warms my heart every single time. And NO, I did not pay these people to say all these nice things about TRADING TIDES. I could spend all day sharing these gems with you but I will save you and your news feed from that and just share a few....for now. I cannot promise not to get carried away!. Right below the video, you will see the results Jon achieved and the consistency of it

The improvement and Consistency Jon (Person speaking in the above video) achieved in his Trading are quite evident from his results below.




Many charge £10,000 for similar kind of course. That too on a weekend. With TRADING TIDES we are going to be running this training during market hours. Training will happen during lunch time and in the evening. So that people in jobs can participate and people with families don't have to look for extra time in the weekend.

With other courses out there, you won't be given all the details you need to trade.

But with TRADING TIDES, you w'll learn all you need to know to generate your own income streams... for ever. Most importantly tax free.

Plus, you'll be in the company of other best traders in the group too.

Your biggest dreams are within reach. It's your time to play with the Bear by holding its claws and Bull by its horns.

(It may seem scary first -but really not giving Life a chance will force you to get struck where you are while you could change the fate by giving it a chance. You have nothing to lose)




Trader Training Road Map


Why 68% to 72% Retail Traders Lose in Spread Trading

What you need to do differently

Introduction To 3 Special Strategies that you never heard or seen before.


Introduction to Floor Trader Strategy

Rules to Enter and Exit

Where to place precise stops

How To Lock in Profits

Introduction To Options

Demonstration of How To Make Money In Falling Market

LIVE Trade



Floor Trader Strategy and Trading Rules

Multiple Case Studies

Step By Step Implementation

Live Trade and Trade Review Step By Step

Ichimoku Trading Strategies - Foundation

2 Secret Strategies of Ichimoku and its application to Spread Trading


Recap of Strategies and Review of the Results

Risk Management

Type of Risks

Risk and Capital allocation

Position Sizing

Acceptable Risk

Risk, Reward and Return Measured Moves



Applying Floor Trader Strategy where you should apply and when

Margin Basics

How Margins are calculated

How To Avoid Margin calls

Returns Ladder

Application of Strategy 2 and 3 to Forex Spread Trades

When to use Spot and when to use Forward contracts

Live Trades and application of strategies to UK, Europe, US and Global Indices

Multiple Case Studies

Step By Step Implementation

Live Trade and Trade Review Step By Step

Ichimoku Trading Strategies - Foundation

2 Secret Strategies of Ichimoku and its application to Spread Trading


Understanding Options

Correct way to trade options in spread trading

How to find missing information

Applying options to different instruments

How To Select correct Options Expiry

Understanding Risk Tolerance

Spread Trading UK Stocks



Trading Plan

Trade Management

Order Types

How To Make Money from Falling Markets

Type of Order to use for Breakouts and Breakdowns

How To Set Profit Taking Orders correctly

How To Set up Loss minimising orders

Live Trades and Trade Results

Pre-Market checks

Smart ways to place orders

SESSION 08 - Duration 55 Min

How To implement the Strategy step by step

How To workout Targets and stops

How To Manage Risk

How To workout Number of positions to take and order size for your position

What preparations to make before market opens and how to do it methodically


SESSION 09 - Duration 1 Hr. 04 Mins.

Trading Plan implementation

Trade Management steps to follow

Missing information and where to find it

How to use it and how validate it for correctness and completeness

SESSION 10 - Duration 1Hr 10 Min.


How to Trade Options in Spread Trade

Missing information

Correct way to trade options

How to spot option-able opportunities

Live Trades and review


SESSION 11 - Duration 1Hr 04 Min

How to trade commodities using spread trades

How to trade currencies using spread trades

How to trade indices using spread trades

How to trade ETF using spread trades

Live trades and review

SESSION 12 -Duration 1Hr 48 Min

Applying Trade Management to various markets

Applying to currency, commodity, indices, ETF and stocks

Live Trades walk thru

How to use Ichimoku in various markets


SESSION 13 - Duration 1 Hr 20 Min

Live Trade review from previous session

Trade Management

Margin and importance of Margin

How to be in absolute control of Margin

How to apply what you learnt to various foreign markets without sweat

SESSION 14 Duration 1 Hour and 44 Minutes

Step By Step Walk thru of the previous sessions Live Trades

Trade Management

Understanding Spreads

Type of Orders

Order Types Best Suited for the Strategies


SESSION 15 Duration 1 Hour and 9 Minutes

Review Of Previous Sessions Live Trades

Pre-Trade checks and Preparation for the Trading Session

Order Management Which Order To Use and When

SESSION 16 Duration 54 Minutes

Review of Live Trades done using Strategy 2 and Strategy 3

Safe way to Trade Oil For Profits

Review of Global Trades and a measure of success


SESSION 17 Duration 1 Hour 26 Minutes

Review of the Live Trades

Review of the Bond Trade

Review of The ETF trade

Review of the traded US Stocks

What to do if you miss a trade?

SESSION 18 Duration - 56 Minutes

Spotting The Market Turn Before It Happens Using Ichimoku

Money Management Mastery

Managing Portfolio Risk

Time Differential Trading Strategies

SESSION 19 To 24 Duration - Avg 1 Hr -Total 6 Hours

Special Secret Recipe SHHHHHHHHH!!!! Don't Tell Anyone about this

Exclusive Enrollment Bonuses When You Sign-up Today

(Total Value £6000.00)

This course is designed to give you 10X Return in value for the cost of the course.



You are going to be spending 1 hour Group Training session with me (I charge £5000 per session). This gives you ample chance to clear your doubts by asking Questions or doubts where i can answer your personal questions about Spread trading to grow your capital and generate income.


You are going to get access to our proprietary tool set that you can use. Our students love these tool sets as these have several hidden recopies that a retail investor is unaware.

Also You Get When You Sign-up Today...We Will Also Give You...Are You Ready?



Exactly What To Do, Precisely How Long to spend and on what exact steps


Many traders press that Buy button and think later should have, would have and must have when they find themselves on the wrong side of the trade. Instead by following the Pre-market checklist you know whether to press that Buy button and when everything lines up for the strategy you are following that allows you to Enter in the trade.


Once you are in the trade what do you need to do? With your stops, with your targets . What are your next steps if trade is closer to profit? What do you do if price is moving faster to your stops? This checklist helps you to manage your trade step by step without any confusion or emotion.


Once the trade is complete what do you do if it gave you profits and what do you do if it gave you loss? Plus lot more key aspects that will make you a better trader as you practice.

Not only all this but also...You will get...



everything you need to do, starting from managing your risk everything else you need to know to achieve profitability, consistency and excellency in your trading.

Are You Ready

To Finally Have The Courage & Confidence To Trade and Grab The Rewards You Secretly Desire & Deserve?

Don't Wait on this...

Get Started Right Now and Reap The Benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if you have questions or need help understanding and implementing what you learnt?
You will be provided an email to reach out to Sankar directly will respond to your questions. Also, if you sign up today you get 3 Hours as a credit you can use it anytime at mutually agreed time to resolve all your trading queries.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Any future updates will be FREE for you. Most importantly there are no retake charges.
Do you offer refunds and cancellation?
We do not offer any refunds or cancellations. First of all we want serious students and committed students only. Secondly, As soon as you sign up with us we have additional commitments to our tools and service providers that we need to honor. Finally, our customers are over whelmed by the value we add they say it should be sold at a higher price 10x higher!

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