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What Is Trade Tracker?

Trade Tracker is Members only Service.

It helps you to keep track of the trade calls given in the room

This service is for the members of 3R Gold and 7 Income Streams

This is a Monthly Subscription Service

What Is Trade Tracker and Why You Need It?

This is designed for Traders who have busy life and who are using the Alert service provided.

Designed to keep track of trader alert entries and exits issued

It Helps you to identify rapidly...

If a Trade is active or not

What Is the target and stop

Date opened and closed

Why we entered into the trade

Snap shot of the price chart

Also we are going to expand this to other areas like Earnings calendar,

IPO cycle events etc.

It is a Position Tracker so you won't turn a winner and into a loser after others exit

It is a Watch list Tracker so you won't miss on trades analysed

and Lot more...

When is it going to start?

Phase 1 with Position Tracker will start in under 7 days from today

What Should You Act Today?

If you wait until the service is fully up and running you will be charged higher monthly subscription. But, those who join now can lock in the Early bird price and you will be shielded from price increase once service goes live.

If You are member of 3R Group and 7 Income Streams you pay just £15 a Month.

If you pay for yearly you will get 2 month subscription FREE

** Price will go up once it goes live on 20th June

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is There a Lock In Period?
None. You are free to join and leave. you can leave at the end of the month as long as you give us 5 day notice
How long do I have access to the information?
As long as you are a subscriber for this service
Is this open for everyone?
No this is restricted to Members only

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