How Would You Like To Be Able To Crush Forex,

  • At the times that suits you
  • At speeds that you can handle
  • With confidence and without stress
  • With Clarity and without Confusion
  • With Precision and without chaos
  • Generate Single or Multiple Streams as you Wish?

If The Answer is YES then Forex Crusher is absolutely 100% will help you to not just Master it But Crush it with confidence.


Our Objective is...

To Give You The Forex Trading Skills That are A CUT ABOVE THE REST

To Impart You The Forex Trading Skills That Are Better Than The BEST

Most Importantly To Make You Super Successful in Your Trading

Empower You with our unique Power Strategies

Forex Crusher Is A..

Live Seminar

Group Coaching Workshop & follow on review

1-1 Consultancy


After You Signup to Forex Crusher Live You Will Get...

Forex Crusher 1 Day Live Seminar - VALUE £2400

We will cover from basics of Forex To Super Powered Strategies, Not One but FIVE POWER Packed Strategies. Risk Management, Trade Management, Mindset and Money Management, Most importantly we will spend most of the time on the Strategies and how to put them in action, When to use each of the strategies.

You tell us the time you want to trade we have a strategy to match it

You tell us how fast or slow you want to trade we have a strategy to match it and much more. If you can't attend the recordings will be made available to you.

5 Group Coaching & Review Workshops- VALUE £1500

Most course offering will leave you alone once you finish the seminar. After that you are on your own. We don't leave you until we know that you can trade confidently and successfully.

As part of continual support we will ask you put in practice each of the strategies you learnt. After that every week we will get together do a follow on review, answer any questions , clear any confusion and also do a group workshop. Each group session will be an hour long. A priceless add on to your seminar. If you can't attend the recordings will be made available to you. You guessed it will last for 5 weeks 1 hour every week. Right after the seminar you will start putting each strategy to work in live or in sim. Ask questions and achieve perfection.

1-1 Live Consultancy - VALUE £4000

Each person is unique and everyone learns at a different pace. Whether you are a beginner or at a super advanced stage 1-1 adds massive value to fine tune your trading and massively build your confidence. I normally charge £4000 for an hour consultancy you are getting this as part of the Forex Crusher an offer that is hard to decline!

How the course content is delivered?

The Seminar,The Workshops and the consultancy all done via online. No Travel involved. You just join from the comfort of your home. If you can;t attend the part or whole of the event no problem we will archive the recordings and make it available to you at no extra cost but if you could attend in person nothing like it and we do encourage you to attend the live event.

All the content will be posted in your own privately secured course area. You will be provided userid and password to access the area.

Who is this for?

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate or advanced trader this is for you.

Whether you had a prior knowledge of Forex or no knowledge this is for you.

This is not for you if you are

Thinking of becoming overnight millionaire.It takes effort and you need to learn the skills first and practice what you learn regularly to be able to be successful in the Forex markets.


Also You Get When You Sign-up Today...We Will Also Give You Priceless Bonus...Are You Ready?


Exactly What To Do, Precisely How Long to spend and on what exact steps


Many traders press that Buy button and think later should have, would have and must have when they find themselves on the wrong side of the trade. Instead by following the Pre-market checklist you know whether to press that Buy button and when everything lines up for the strategy you are following that allows you to Enter in the trade.


Once you are in the trade what do you need to do? With your stops, with your targets . What are your next steps if trade is closer to profit? What do you do if price is moving faster to your stops? This checklist helps you to manage your trade step by step without any confusion or emotion.


Once the trade is complete what do you do if it gave you profits and what do you do if it gave you loss? Plus lot more key aspects that will make you a better trader as you practice.

Fast Action Taker Will Also Get More Priceless Bonuses...Are You Ready?

Proprietary Tool set for Forex Trading

Using right tool set will have highest impact and will yield better results. Fast action takers will get our Proprietary Tool set we use.

Will Reveal My Secret Indicators and settings

Using correct indicators and settings will lift your positive results. Fast action takers will get the list of secret indicators we use and their optimised settings.

My Special Custom Settings

Discover my special custom chart settings to maximise returns and lot more.

Here is Everything you are getting after signup today...

Forex Crusher 1 Day Live Seminar - VALUE £2400

5 Group Coaching & Review Workshops- VALUE £1500

1-1 Live Consultancy - VALUE £4000

5 Super Powerful Proprietary Strategies VALUE Thousands of Pounds

Checklists - VALUE Priceless

Pre-Market Checklist

Pre-Trade Checklist

Trade Management Checklist

Post-Trade Checklist

Proprietary Tool set for Forex Trading - VALUE Priceless

My Secret Indicators and settings - VALUE Priceless

My Complete and Special Customised Chart Setups for each of the strategies - VALUE Priceless


Get Started Right Now and Reap The Benefits!

Your Trading and Investing Coach

Sankar Sharma, MBA, MSTA
Sankar Sharma, MBA, MSTA

Introducing Sankar: Your Trusted Market Strategist

Unlocking Success in Every Market Condition

Meet Sankar, the seasoned expert who has not only weathered but thrived through multiple recessions. With an unwavering commitment to helping investors and traders achieve their financial dreams, Sankar is your go-to source for market wisdom and wealth-building strategies.

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Recession-Proof Success: Sankar has demonstrated unparalleled success in navigating multiple recessions, turning challenges into opportunities for his clients.

Renowned Market Strategist: He is not just a coach; he's a highly renowned market strategist, revered by peers and clients alike.

Forbes' Investing Authority: Forbes has bestowed upon him the title of the 'Investing Authority,' recognizing his exceptional insights and foresight.

Featured Five Times in Forbes: Sankar's expertise and accomplishments have earned him the spotlight in Forbes on five separate occasions.

MBA in Finance: His academic foundation in finance, with an MBA, ensures a deep understanding of financial markets.

Certified Market Technician: Sankar holds prestigious certifications that attest to his market mastery.

Accurate Market Calls: Known for his uncanny accuracy in market predictions and forecasts, Sankar's insights are gold in the world of finance.

Life-Changing Impact: Sankar has transformed countless lives, helping individuals achieve their wealth goals and secure their financial future.

Proven Student Success: Many of his students boast an outstanding track record of financial success, a testament to Sankar's exceptional coaching and mentorship.

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