Make Your Best Trades Routinely And Consistently

Even If..

You Have Little Funds Or No Time

By The End of the Subscription you should expect to achieve one Big Result for sure (of course apart from growing your money and able to generate income)

2 Big Results To Expect

RESULT 1 TO EXPECT: You should be able to Trade any instrument on any time frame in any market Effortlessly, Fearlessly and precisely. Learn to create regular income using options

RESULT 2 TO EXPECT: You should be able to manage and take control of your own investment and pension portfolios for you and your family Effortlessly, Fearlessly and and precisely. Learn to grow your capital by both using Options and without options

You should have moved from Novice to knowledgeable, Knowledgeable to Experienced, Experienced to Expert

When You Sign up Today I will be doing all the heavy Lifting for you and sending out alerts on what to buy and sell when to buy and sell with options and without options. Today is your lucky day i am sharing all my courses in one single bundle and offering them at a rock bottom price and delivering sea of value.

Let us break each course down to give you an idea of value it offers.

Index Crusher - Value $1997

Index Crusher is our most loved Package by the busy professionals who work in full time or part time employment or running a business and want to generate regular income on daily basis.We do all the heavy lifting for you and you take the trades

Index Conqueror -Value $1997

Index Conqueror is designed for stay at home moms or full time traders or people in part time employment who got more time at their disposal. You will receive text alert you know the rules ahead and this course is designed to teach how to trade various fast moving assets with clear entries, exits, Targets and stops. You know exactly what to do and when because you will receive alerts. All the heavy lifting is done by us you simply need to place the trades and keep learning the multiple streams income creation while you are earning from Index Conqueror.

Option Jet Setter - Value $1997

Option Jet Setter is designed for busy professionals who wish to grow their capital but got less than 15 min to spare. We provide special trades that have momentum costs less to own and produces faster results.Average trade ranges from 1 week to 90 day holding period. You can pick and chose the trade that fits withing your business or work schedule.What you get?

Small Cap Supremo -Value $997

This package is designed for people who wish to trade small money for bigger moves in Small caps. Heading into 2020 small caps are ready to grow your portfolio. You need to know what to pick and when we provide what to buy , how long to hold and when to sell. YES! We do all the hard work and head scratching you just simply place the trade lock in the returns.

Earnings Income -Value $1997

Every year we have 4 quarters when Earning come out. This creates some fast moves and opportunities to cash in both from the winners and losers. This course teaches how to. We pick the best and worst. Send you what to do, how to trade, when to take profit when to enter via our super fast alerts. You will know a week to month in advance what to do and when. Again we do all the heavy lifting because we are passionate about what we do. Ideal for busy people, parents, business owners , part time or full time employed

Sector Smasher - Value $1997

Don;t like fast markets fear not. We have something that suits you. Sector smasher. Where you can just trade sectors on both to the upside and to the down side.Again we do all the heavy lifting because we are passionate about what we do. Ideal for busy people, parents, business owners , part time or full time employed

Want to Learn How To Trad Options or Trade Stocks, ETFs? -Triple Pack Value $4994

This is for advanced traders who wish to trade only currency or only options or only investing but do it yourself? Not a problem we got you covered. On the other hand you been trading for a while and not consistent we are here to fix that problem and help. This package could be for you

IPO Deposits - Value $1997

Many people trade IPOs but we trade them very different to most people. You will learn how we create deposits from trading IPOs. You will learn not only how we do it but also you will receive alerts when it is time to participate.

We Are not done yet....

Weekly TRADER EDGE Training 1 Yr(Year) VALUE $5200.00

You will receive 52 Weekly Trader Edge Training. If you can't attend in person recordings will be made available in your own private members area.Even if you value it £100 per session, you would agree that it easily accumulates. Others are happy to pay £1500 per hour for 1 hour consultancy this is a super bargain. On its own this is more than what you will be paying for the 3R Gold 1 Year Membership subscription

Weekly CALL in Q&A 1 Yr VALUE $5200.00

You will receive 52 Weekly Opportunities to speak to me direct and ask your question

s or learn from others questions that you might not have thought of. It is cheaper to learn from other's mistakes and experience. Trust me. If you can't attend in person recordings will be made available in your own private members area.

Even if you value it £100 per session, you would agree that it easily accumulates. Others are happy to pay £1500 per hour for 1 hour consultancy this is a super bargain. On its own this is more than what you will be paying for the 3R Gold 1 Year Membership subscription

Monthly INNER CIRCLE Master Classes 1 Yr VALUE $12,000.00

You will receive '12 Monthly' Master classes, normally limited to coaching and mentoring students of mine.

These range from a few hours to 2 Days in some occasions. In other words whatever time it takes to complete the master class so that measurable results can be achieved at the end of it and will be a complete solution.

Even if you value it £1000 per session ( a live event for single sitting is chargeable at £2497 or more), you would agree this is priceless because you are not getting one but 12 month worth of INNER CIRCLE MASTER CLASSES!

If you can't attend in person recordings will be made available in your own private members area.

Again this it self , on its own this is more than what you will be paying for the 3R Gold 1 Year Membership subscription

Daily TRADE ALERTS 1 Yr VALUE $2310.00

This is ideal for anyone currently in work or running own business looking to make extra residual income. I will do all the hard work and heavy lifting. I spend all the time it takes to do the research and analysis. I will send you the final trades with instructions and the reasoning all you need to do is place the trade and collect the returns. Again providing this service on its own for 330 days during the 1 year subscription (allowing for all holidays public, bank, yours and mine ) exceeds the price you are paying to get involved in the 3R Gold Subscription

FREE Invitations To LIVE Events 1 Yr VALUE $1997.00

I have bigger plans for you in the next 12 months. I may hold Multiple Live Events and you will receive invite to each and every one of them for FREE! Even if i do 1 event you will recover your investment in a flash needless to mention!

Access To 3R TRADER TOOL SET 1 Yr VALUE $2497.00

Over the years as I kept gaining experience, expertise and wisdom, I kept creating Trading tools, not one but money, to make my life easier and productive but also my students, family and friends.

I have spent my own money, tireless testing, sleepless nights and loads of coffees, paracetamols to get all these tools to its best state. These are not available else where and are exclusive to They needs to be used based on the context of your trading. You need to know when to use what and how. So, when you are in the program you will start getting access to tool by tool as you progress thru your trading journey as you elevate your trading skills to higher levels.

It costed me several thousands of dollars and pounds to get it working and get it precise and accurate. Again these were only available to my high paying clients and institutional investors. But, for the first time i am making this available for limited time and for fast action takers only. Don't miss out and regret later.

Access To 3R COURSE PACK VALUE $17,473.00

This is Massive value for you.

If you ever thought of a course you will most likely find it here. If you don't I will be happy to create one for you.

Want to become a Top Stock Trader no problem

Want to become Just a Stock or ETF or Equity Trader no problem

Want to be an Options Trader no problem

Wants to be a Day Trader no problem

Want to be an Index trader no problem

Want to be a Swing Trader no problem

Want to trade Small cap stocks no problem

Want to trade only Sectors not a problem

Want to trade E-Minis no problem

Want to just Invest not a problem at all

We got you covered. No more money to spend on tools or additional software unless you want to do all these by yourself. Next renewal will be in a year's time. Till then no more hidden charges to pay.

As you can see I am already putting you ahead in giving you Minimum 5 X and at least 50 X Return on your investment. Don't wait click SUBSCRIBE before timer runs out and offer expires or i change my mind.



Note: These Cannot Be Purchased Individually If you do, it will be at a lot higher price point


For all the above opportunities you will receive emerging Alerts, Ongoing Training and Market Review and Educational Suite. Don't miss out next training, Next Meeting and most importantly next Trade opportunity alert. Don't wait on this.

*all graphics are pictorial representation and no physical material will be sent or posted all material and training will be delivered online only

Success Story of 3R Gold Member Julie

2018 Success Story - Listen to see How Julie went from knowing nothing about the stocks and markets to a full trading member in under 3 ,Months. Not only she recovered money she paid for the course. She 's been consistent and successful in generating extra income. Listen real close.

This is NOT for an Average Trader! Are You Wishing to be one?

I made this so easy and so simple for you to join. I had taken care of all your would be needs, wants and current needs and wants. This is well thought out program for you to join. When you join we are not going to over load and dump all the stuff on you. We are going to hold you by hand and walk you up the steps to achieve Excellence in Trading. Any one of the offers i made you alone can get more value for the money you are spending. This is an absolute no brainer for any smart trader who can see the value and returns in this program. Get involved before price goes up or doors shut.

I will be waiting to coach, mentor, train and lead you to become a top trader in whatever path you choose. Also, on top you are going to learn skills to take care your investing needs too. This will enable you to manage your child college education and your retirement funds too! ( A bonus that is not listed )

Watch Success Story of Neil. an Experienced Trader who wasn't successful or consistent before he became 3R Gold Member. See How his turnaround happened. Watch !

2019 Success Story -It took little extra effort for Neil to shake off all the wrong steps he learnt before. Once those are fixed he was on his way to consistency and profits. Now he is trying to trade independently. With 3R Gold Membership you Earn. You Learn. All at the same time. Don't wait on this. Subscribe today. Soon either the price may go up or bonus might disappear or both. Don't miss this opportunity to join other Elite members of 3R Group

2020- Success Story - Watch Success Story of Sarwan

Not only Sarwan succeeded with his pension he also getting very good at trading Forex , Options and Spread Trading. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to your success!

This course is closed for enrollment.

Your Trading and Investing Coach

Sankar Sharma, MBA, MSTA
Sankar Sharma, MBA, MSTA

Introducing Sankar: Your Trusted Market Strategist

Unlocking Success in Every Market Condition

Meet Sankar, the seasoned expert who has not only weathered but thrived through multiple recessions. With an unwavering commitment to helping investors and traders achieve their financial dreams, Sankar is your go-to source for market wisdom and wealth-building strategies.

Why Choose Sankar as Your Mentor?

Recession-Proof Success: Sankar has demonstrated unparalleled success in navigating multiple recessions, turning challenges into opportunities for his clients.

Renowned Market Strategist: He is not just a coach; he's a highly renowned market strategist, revered by peers and clients alike.

Forbes' Investing Authority: Forbes has bestowed upon him the title of the 'Investing Authority,' recognizing his exceptional insights and foresight.

Featured Five Times in Forbes: Sankar's expertise and accomplishments have earned him the spotlight in Forbes on five separate occasions.

MBA in Finance: His academic foundation in finance, with an MBA, ensures a deep understanding of financial markets.

Certified Market Technician: Sankar holds prestigious certifications that attest to his market mastery.

Accurate Market Calls: Known for his uncanny accuracy in market predictions and forecasts, Sankar's insights are gold in the world of finance.

Life-Changing Impact: Sankar has transformed countless lives, helping individuals achieve their wealth goals and secure their financial future.

Proven Student Success: Many of his students boast an outstanding track record of financial success, a testament to Sankar's exceptional coaching and mentorship.

Join the 3R Tribe Hall of Fame in 2024

Now is your opportunity to be a part of a success story that transcends markets and generations. Join Sankar in 2024 and seize the chance to be featured in our very own 3R Tribe Hall of Fame. Let's embark on a journey to financial prosperity together.

Experience the difference. Sankar - Your Partner in Prosperity.

Looks like you are almost there and made your decision? Click The SUBSCRIBE Button below and I shall see you on the other side. Don't Wait on this. Do it today!

This course is closed for enrollment.

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How long do I have access to all the special services provided including Trade alerts?
After enrolling, you have 1 Full Year Access To all the offerings. You can renew next year again
Refund Policy
Refund Policy: Due to nature of this EXCLUSIVE offer we won't be providing any refunds. Because, as soon as you sign up we will be activating lot of other services on your behalf and we will be tied to one year into these services. By Joining us you agree to all the T&C .
Your Next Billing and cancellation
You will be auto renewed next year but if you do not wish it to auto renew you must cancel it at least 5 days prior to next billing start date
What to expect after paying and signing into the service?
You will start on a set trading path progression. As you progress you will see more and more courses and tools opening up for you. On Day 1 you will start with one course and a set of tools. As the days progress you will see more and more appearing like magic in front of your eyes. We don't want to be information hoarders we want to be professional traders All will be explained inside in greater detail you will know it all makes sense and you will be happy that it is this way.

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